Two Educational Board Games for the Whole Family

Board games can be a lot of fun but when they are educational too, the family plays together and feels enriched. Here are 2 educational board games I recommend…

Blurt – The Webster’s Game of Word Racing

Blurt is a hilarious, fast-paced game of rapid recall that will have both kids and adults scrambling to be the first to shout out a word based on a given definition. In the heat of the race to call out the right word, even bookworms with big vocabularies may find themselves tongue-tied. Fortunately Blurt has a Junior Version for kids as young as seven to get a chance to learn new words and play in their peer group. It includes 300 cards, which have 1800 clues at 2 playing levels!

To give you an example, one player says, “what word means ‘a partially dried grape’?” If you are the first to say “raisin”, you’re on your way to winning! Players take turns reading clues aloud, competing to blurt out the correct answer first and move ahead on the board. The first person or team to circle the board wins. Sounds simple, right? But as the race for the right word heats up, and the blurting gets boisterous, it’s easy to make costly mistakes! Blurt is a great vocabulary builder for kids, a hilarious addition to adult parties, and a must for family game night.

Dino Math Tracks Place Value Game

An award winner with a prehistoric twist here’s a game that reinforces counting, addition, subtraction and place value skills. Presented as a race around the rainbow with a pack of pintsize, prehistoric dinosaurs, it works on the mathematical concept of place value and gives kids reinforcement in what makes our base-10 number system tick.

Each player is allotted one dinosaur for each of the four tracks (the tracks are labeled 1s, 10s, 100s, and 1000s). To play, a player rolls four dice to create a 4-digit number and then moves his or her prehistoric pal to the appropriate 1s, 10s, 100s, and 1000s places. Problem-solving strategies are honed as players scurry to get all four tiny triceratops into the dino haven, ahead of the other players’ foursomes. Not only is it easy to get bumped along the way, it’s also possible to lose one’s sense of exponentials!

But all said and done, this is a game that will really bring you and the kids close. While they develop a love for numbers. What better educational board games can you be playing?

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