The Game – How Women Benefit From the Pick-Up Artist Scene

There’s an underground community called Pick-Up Artists (PUA), whose main resource is a book called The Game. Their members have no reservations about manipulating women into sex and lying to them about their so-called relationship. This article will tell you why this community is actually doing some good things for women.

There are lots of men out there who really want to have sex but have no idea how to go up to a women, or even more terrifying, a group of women. These men have very little self-esteem and often have inadequate social skills. Of the 6 ex-Pick-Up Artists I interviewed, two of them were actually afraid to stop and ask people the time, even other men. For the men to whom the PUA community (PUAC) has appeal, women are desirable, mysterious creatures of another species that they desperately need but can never have.

These awkward, social sad cases are attracted into The Game and the PUA community because it has the biggest presence on the net. They are lured in with extravagant promises of becoming magnetically attractive to women. One man I spoke to, let’s call him George, said that ‘The PUAC was practically saying I would have loads of women feeding me grapes and performing various acts on demand. I had so much trouble getting women at the time – having relationships with women – that the whole scene was irresistible’. Another man, call him Lucas, said ‘I had no idea what I was doing. I was a virgin in my 20s, I was completely incompetent socially, and I knew my sex drive was high. My life was impossible. The PUAC was the only place I could find to start.’

These men spent, on average, about 2 years in the PUAC. These men agreed on some very positive outcomes of their time being a PUA, and John’s statement is typical: ‘Aspects of The Game can really give men powerful help in their development. My friends have universally told me that with the Game, they were able to conquer anxiety about approaching women they’re attracted to, and build confidence in themselves as worthy. It certainly made a huge difference in this way for me.’

The fact is, most men, at least the higher calibre ones, eventually realise there is so much more they can have if they focus on connecting with women. In fact, all the ex-players I interviewed are in stable, long-term relationships or want one. For the single ones, they have all the confidence in the world to introduce themselves to women they are interested in. They know how to be honest, value honesty, and know how to talk about their feelings openly.

For men who have moved through the PUA stage of their development, women are desirable, wonderful people that they want to share a rich relationship with. I should know – I’m in a relationship with one and he’s the most considerate, loving, emotionally savvy man I’ve ever met in my life. Although I find the manipulation of women in the PUAC profoundly repulsive, I’m ever so grateful they were able to take these socially inept, insecure men and help them to be the desirable, wonderful guys they are today

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