Halloween Party Games For Your Kids

My wife was a Girl Scout leader for many years and both her and her co-leader buddy loved Halloween. It was our favorite time of the year. They did some pretty interesting things to keep the girls amused. One game we played to play was “Pass the Cat”.

The girls would sit in a circle and we would pretend to pass Kitty parts under a blanket thrown over their laps. It sounds gruesome but the girls loved it with their squealing and laughing. First we would put some things in bowls and then tell them what it was as we stuck it (the bowl) under the blanket and they would pass it around. Grapes that were slightly wet became the eyes. Spaghetti (also wet) became the guts. A piece of very wet sandpaper became the tongue and so on.

Another awesome thing we did was to turn the garage of our house into a haunted house. We used sheets and blankets for walls. We also enlisted the help of the neighborhood boys to help scare the girls. This would bring the boys into the fun. After the GS fun was over we opened it up to the neighborhood.

Following the traditional Halloween parties, we would just spice it up a little. For instance, bobbing for apples could be a little more gruesome if you colored the water red. Put scary things inside the pinata like… Fake spiders, ghosts, eyeballs, bats etc. (You can find all of those things in candy form also).

Turn off the lights and play Blind Man’s Bluff. Everyone walks around in the dark and tries to touch someone. Once you are touched you must sit down. After about 5 minutes turn the lights on and see who is left standing. If there is more than one person, have all the sitting children move to chairs and turn lights off again until only one remains. It sounds pretty docile but it’s pretty scary in the dark.

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Halloween Party Ideas – 8 Games Your Little Monsters Will Love

Whether you’re keeping your kids safe with a home party this Halloween, or you just need some ideas for the elementary school celebration, here are eight favorite Halloween party games sure to delight your little monsters.

1. Halloween Charades. Write a variety of Halloween words and phrases that the kids can act out on slips of paper and place them in a plastic pumpkin. Everyone takes turns acting, and the audience members have one minute to try to guess the subject. For younger kids, use such Halloween concepts as “vampire,” “spider,” “pumpkin pie,” or “ghost.” If your group is comprised of older kids, you can use more difficult phrases, such as the “headless horseman,” “trick or treat,” or “goosebumps.” Give small prizes to the kids who guess correctly. (Halloween Pictionary is a fun variation to try, too.)

2. Pass the Apple. Divide the kids into teams of 6. Each team stands in a single file line. Give the first person in line an apple to place under her chin. She has to turn around and pass the apple to the person behind her without using her hands. Again, give prizes for the winning team, which will be the first to successfully pass the apple to the last person in line without dropping it. If the apple hits the floor, it goes back to the front of the line.

3. Halloween Scavenger Hunt. Create a series of 5 or so rhyming clues, which will lead children (or groups of children) to a Halloween treasure chest, filled with toys or candy.

4. Play “Guess How Many Pumpkin Seeds” or “Guess How Many Pieces of Candy” in a large jar or plastic pumpkin. The person who estimates the closest gets a prize.

5. Play Pin the Tail on the Black Cat (or Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin.) Young kids love any variation of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

6. Word Games. How many words can the kids make from Halloween-themed words and phrases, such as “Halloween Surprises” or “Trick or Treat, Give Me Something Good to Eat.” Give prizes for the kids who come up with the most words.

7. Guess the goo. Fill a variety of bowls with foods with icky textures – such as cooked, cold spaghetti and peeled grapes. Let the kids feel the intestines and the eyeballs without being able to see what they’re feeling. See if the kids can guess what it really is. Use your imagination to come up with some creepy-feeling cuisine.

8. Have a monster mash. Spend 5 minutes or so dancing like

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